PTT: Personal Talent Training.
Bobby Rich becomes a partner in an intense continuing relationship with high profile personalities or teams.  As your 'personal trainer' all aspects of your on-air and off-air psyche are probed and dissected.  

Third Ear Evaluation.
The market is measured for competitive strengths and weaknesses.  Each station is monitored and an objective 'third ear' opinion is stated.  The client station receives similar treatment under magnified scrutiny.

Personality Seminar.
All on-air talent gathers for a group session which explores philosophies and fosters inspiration.  Creativity and team playing are emphasized.  A group discussion focuses on the specific needs and desires of the client station.  One-On-One critiques follow with each key player.

Beginning with a Third Ear Evaluation of the market and the client station, Bobby Rich becomes your "programing advisor" working closely with the General Manager and Program Director to focus the entire station product in a positive direction.  A Personality Seminar is held with all talent and the 
morning show is treated to a Personal Talent Training program.  Follow up includes marketing, promotion, advertising and management know-how and, if desired, meeting with Sales and general staff to improve spirit.

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1. "The Legends" Bobby appeared at the NAB Radio Convention in September 2001 with "legends" Gary Stevens, Michael O'Shea, Ken Dowe and Chuck Blore. More photos HERE
2. Tucson has the only DIAPER BANK in the country, Here's their site to learn about this unique charity.

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