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In the fall of 1977, San Diego's KFMB-FM (B-100) made history as the first Contemporary Hit FM to reach No. 1 among total persons 12+. PD Bobby Rich recalls, "When we put that thing on the air, our idea was to keep the AM (targeted) 25+, and FM  12-24, and we wouldn't get in each other's  way." ("Later we realized a synergy in our combo could dominate. And it did")

After tremendous success with a screaming high-energy Top 40, Bobby then moved on to stations in New York, LA and Philadelphia, only to return in 1984 to face a new challenge: skewing the station a bit older, while retaining an uptempo, contemporary feel. 

That is when the concept of HOT AC was created.

"Musically, literally it was all the songs of the last 10 years that shared chart success on both AC and CHR", says Rich. "Presentation-wise, it was a grown-up Top 40 station. Lots of fun, great jocks, great promotions, but all with a good, natural presentation."

"Planned Spontaneity" on 94.9MIXfm
by Jill Michaels
NOTE: Bobby Rich left KMXZ Tucson in 2017 after 24 years as Program Director/Morning Show Host

"If They Only Had a Brain." "The Impossible Question." "Que Pasa?" Large, familiar care packages of Good, Clean Fun shipped out each weekday morning from the warehouse on Tucson radio station 94.9 MIXfm. 

Bobby Rich began stirring up the airwaves in early 1993. KKLD Cloud 95 later changed its call letters (presumably a coincidence) to KMXZ 94.9MIXfm. Brad Behan, Meteorologist Jimmy Stewart from KVOA-TV and "Big Al, Our Traffic Pal" rounded out the Good Morning Crew between 5:30 and 9 a.m. Later, Brad retired to his home studio in Colorado and Mrs. Grant and Greg Curtis were added to the show.

Even through the changes in personnel, why did the show always seem to click? In addition to the witty repartee and the tunes, listeners expect a news-traffic-and-weather "information package" delivered with their musuc and fun. "We really pride ourselves with that service," Bobby states. "Our listeners really count on knowing what's going on but also on hearing some of the fun and interesting things that we throw in there."

Bobby pegs the show's effervescent atmosphere: "Planned spontaneity. At least half of what we do is stuff that we haven't preplanned, and at least 75 percent of the stuff that we've planned never even gets on the air. We go with what we're thinking at that moment, especially when sometthing topical, local or one of our listeners calls us and leads us into comes up."

The goofiness, not surprisingly, continues off-air. Bobby (who enjoys pronouncing Peabo Bryson's first name) sings along with the radio. Several comedy influences indirectly shape the morning show. "I lean toward humor is clever, pseudo-intellectual, smart but goofy at the same time." 

Listeners can anticipate the same-old, strange-odd in the future. Bobby, speaking in his role as MIXfm's program director, asserts: "We do not need to, nor do we want to, change the show just for the sake of change. On the other hand, we feel compelled to keep the show fresh, and to find new elements that will continue to satisfy and grow our audience."

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Planned spontaneity. At least half of what we do is stuff that we haven't preplanned, and at least 75 percent of the stuff that we've planned never even gets on the air.
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